Garmin, Birth and Surrender

This thing will revolutionalize my life . . . transform my every waking motive and desire.

I limited myself to one mile today (in a continued effort to rest my IT band), but that one mile was enough to show me how much I’m going to LOVE using my Garmin GPS watch after the marathon. I’m going to be putting in miles for the sheer thrill of competing with myself and those little numbers on the screen.

On the down side, even one mile put the whisper of a near twinge in my knee. Not good.

I’ve just caught myself reading other blogs under the tag “marathon”.  It’s messing with my mind. Oprah ran a 4:29 marathon?!!  Really!?? 6 miles of truth? I realize I have to stop taking in these stories.  Why? Because the birthing teacher told us not to listen to other people’s stories. “Birthing teacher?,” you ask?

Today, when I was in the shower totally petrified with thoughts of marathon blogs I had read last night, I finally remembered an important lesson I learned years ago when I had the privilege of serving as the birth coach for a dear friend of mine.  She had enrolled us in hypnobirthing classes.  This was for the birth of her second baby. Her first birth experience had been highlighted on national TV when she and her husband were the first home birth on TLC’s “A Baby Story”.  So when it came time to deliver the second baby, her husband was a bona fide expert.  The way I remember it, he said, “Honey, you can take a class if you need to, but I know how to deliver a baby.” So she enrolled in Hypnobirthing and I was the lucky recipient of free classes. Our impressive teacher advised, “Stop listening to people telling you about their birth experiences.”  We learned that each birth is unique.

“Your body will take you on the journey you need to go on.

And so it shall be with my marathon.  Tight IT Band and all. Breathe. Breathe. Stop pressing the “marathon” tag link & visualize a comfortable race.  A comfortable race. Inhale. Exhale. 8.5 more days.

I have this anxiety about how I haven’t trained properly, about how I can’t have the taper blues because a body can’t taper from what it never really followed through on.  And 7 days of carboloading? Hello, my whole life is a carboload!  I’m not rea . . . Inhale. . . . exhale. . .

“When women marathoners understand that pain is caused by constrictor hormones, created by fear, they learn, instead, to release fear thus creating endorphins—the feel good hormones. They are then able to change their expectations of long, painful labor marathons and are able to replace them with expectations of a more comfortable birthing racing.”

Mind over matter . . . it’s worth a try.

– – – – – –

POST RACE UPDATE – (June 26, 20008) – For the record ….. yep, it worked. My last 6 miles were bliss. Would I have wanted to do the race without ibuprofen? No. Grateful for the drugs. Still – I had a WONDERFUL experience – and I think it’s because I spent some time the week beforehand visualizing feeling good during those last 6 miles.  I’ll write more about the whole race soon in a future post.

p.s. If you’re new to endurance sports – please read up on which painkiller is best for you. Ibu’ is known to cause problems in some people. Acetaminophen is often recommended instead.

6 thoughts on “Garmin, Birth and Surrender

  1. ooh, i just got a computer for my mountain bike to track how many miles i get under my wheel…i’m so obsessive it’s hard not to get hooked into numbers. i can totally understand your anxiety over SD’s 26.2. this is my “first” too, and i was only able to get up to 21.5 and then my IT band (up at the hip) caused me so much pain i had to stop. it was so frustrating. and yes, al i can thinkabout is bloody oprah winfrey, and if she can do it then i can do it. someone told me that oprah probably got a body double- i like that idea.
    question: have you had black toenails yet? i haven’t and i really want them. it’s my rite of passage or something. i guess my shoes fit too well :)

  2. i am SO jealous. if i had a black toenail, i would totally take a picture of it and post it (hint, hint). and then you get to watch it FALL OFF! how cool would that be? as long as it’s after this bloody marathon is over, otherwise that could hurt, and be messy.

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