This afternoon I was out w/ some friends doing a good deed. While I was out, I peeked at my phone to check my email and saw that my TNT donations crossed over the $2,400 mark. I had FINALLY reached the required fund raising minimum for my marathon!!  

I think it’s really fantastic that this thing that I’d been stressing about for weeks (How on earth to raise $2400??) finally got resolved when I spent some time doing something else for other people.  Literally.  

When I set up my TNT fund raising website, I purposely chose the option NOT to have the donors names and amounts listed.  I did this because I wanted people to feel comfortable giving outside of the public eye.   

But I do want to tell you some things about the people who donated.  There were 30 people in all (so far).  Every person who gave surprised me and delighted me with their generosity. 

  • Five of the people who gave are blood relatives.  
  • Two of the people who gave are new friends who have come into my life within the last couple of months.  
  • The individual who donated the most money hasn’t seen me in many years – and I don’t know when we’ll see each other again (although I hope it’s sooner than later).  
  • I used to play all night sessions of monopoly with one of the donors.  
  • One of the donors gave from another continent. 
  • I used to have an elementary school crush on one donor, but I can’t remember which grade we were in.   
  • One of the donors still lives on the same street where my long time best friend grew up.
  • I had pretty fun “make-out sessions” with two of the donors – in two different decades – but have seen neither guy in over 5 years.  
  • Three of the donors gave without ever having met me.  
  • Two of the donors were college roommates of mine – each in a different residence. 
  • Many people who gave told me they had loved ones who suffered with cancer.
  • One person who gave knew an 8 year old who died of leukemia.    
  • Two women who donated gave birth to baby boys within the last two months.
  • One donor is in training to do a 525 mile bike ride for the Arthritis Foundation this fall. 
  • One donor told me I’ve got chutzpah – and I’m so flattered!
When I look over the list of everyone who made the time to donate – I’m honestly moved with appreciation.  You all know who you are.  You got me to the starting line. Thank you!  

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