Great day

Today started with 8 easy miles walking w/ my new friend K, and our team.  It was our last practice together. Most of our mates wore costumes — funny, flourishing costumes. We had a good work out. Even though K’s got feet problems and god-knows-what is up with my knee (IT band?), we clocked in with an average pace of 15:02 minute miles. Not too shabby.  (If you’re new to this blog – I’d like to reiterate, we’re walkers, not runners.) Where was I? (Aside from being defensive?) Oh- 15:02 minute miles – and it was comfortable. Cake, really. I learned that Ibuprofen is a MIRACLE GODSEND. I felt the pain, but it wasn’t sharp.

Next, we listened to coaches tell us to trim our toenails early this week, proceed by eating salty chips and chicken noodle soup, getting plenty of sleep Wednesday thru Friday and being sure to keep our feet up “listening to music” or watching a movie in the hotel on Saturday afternoon. Rumor has it, coach Kevin has the low-down on how to use a hotel room coffee maker to make oatmeal (at 3am on race day) Sigh. Such is the life of a marathon athlete. Here. we. go.

I came home to ice down the knee. Amazing thing – ice. Comfy 2 hour nap next to my beloved, followed by primping and heading out to see a WONDERFUL DOCUMENTARY: Up the Yangtze.

Man, I was weeping. What a poignant, educational, and, yes – I agree with The Voice – brilliant movie. More on this later.

After the show, I limped – with pain – to a nearby izakaya, Sasaya, for dinner. Yuuuum, yuuum, yum, yum! The waiter helped point out lots of vegetarian delicacies for Andy.  I learned that sake must be an anti-inflamitory. My knee feels fully integrated and silent. Arigato. It’s all made sweeter by the fact that tomorrow is a holiday from work.

In writing this, I just watched one of the trailers for “Up the Yangtze.”  It makes me feel so grateful.  Yeah, I’m happy to have my knee numb like I mentioned already, but much more than that: so. much. more. than that, I’m filled with awe and appreciation that I could be so lucky in this life. That I could be so rich. So rich. A man in the movie said that to be a human being is hard, but to be a “common person in China” is especially hard. He couldn’t stop from crying.

I don’t want to forget how lucky I am today.

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  1. Hey we drove past that place this weekend and wondered what it was. I’ll have to bookmark the site so the next time we’re out that way, we could check it out if finances allow. Good luck on the race. I can’t believe it’s almost here! And congrats on the fundraising, that’s amazing work you’ve done.

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