This one goes out to Disa

Just yesterday, I learned that one of my old 30 Voices cohorts, Disa, is training for the same marathon I am! And she’s a runner!  Runners have my total respect.  She hinted that she’d like a glimpse at my black toe.  I wasn’t planning to post this photo . . . but, hey, I’ll do almost anything for a badass fellow marathoner.  Disa, woman, sleep well this week.  We’re going to need it.       

4 thoughts on “This one goes out to Disa

  1. oooooooooooh! pretty! i am so ridiculously jealous. for years, i watched my father (mr marathon man) get big, black, juicy toenails. you have ARRIVED! i will be on the lookout for you (team in training?) ladies.

  2. My toe nail is NOT juicy! Oh. God. Please-Don’t-Let-It-Get-Juicy.

    Yep – TNT. You’ll be way ahead of me – in the pool relaxing with your 2nd margarita by the time I even approach the finish line – but I can’t wait to read your post-race post. Sort of sad to think that this time next week it’ll be over.

    Jen – thanks!! :)

  3. today i started to think it would be sad that “this time next week”…
    however, i am far more worried that “ttnw”, i will be completely incapacitated.

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