Let’s Go!

I had envisioned my last post before the marathon to be something philosophical about going the distance or the zen practice of being out there for hours walking (with no iPod). However, I guess somewhere along the way I became a real athlete because all I want to talk about this morning is my legs.

I realize it may be too late to be trying this – but I’m following coach’s orders. Thursday morning he said to me, “Try The Stick”, which led me to the super cool athlete at the Running Shoe Store, and the patient listener at the Physical Therapy (PT) Store both of whom told me it can’t hurt to get going on my very own foam roller. When I tried to buy the more expensive, “Stick”, from each of them they advised me to save my money and use a roller instead – because they see better results with the roller. Yes, I told them I’m cramming for an event on Sunday. No one advised me not to get rolling immediately. Yes, I’m taking it cautiously.

What’s a roller and what the hell does one do with it? We have some PTs on our team who already got us all acquainted with the idea. Did I pay attention that day? Of course not! Thank God for YouTube:

I started doing this rolling stretch in my office at work last night just to find out if my legs would feel okay 12 hours later.  So far so good.  I’m going to have one more go at it before I consider myself “inside marathon day”; even though, I guess I already am. . . 24 hours from now, I will be on the course!

The guy at the PT store also gave me a couple fanny pack size samples of BIOFREEZE. I tried it last night to make sure it didn’t have adverse effects. It’s good. Boy is it good. I googled & googled & couldn’t find any mention of it doing harm. Sounds like a common thing on marathon courses. It’s coming with me.

As I left the PT guy yesterday, he clenched his fists in front of his ribcage and offered this, “Be strong on Sunday.” It was the highlight of my day.

Off I go to be strong.

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