9 thoughts on “26.2

  1. i didnt see you (i was looking), i saw a lot of you dopplegangers, though. i had no idea tnt was such a big thing. very cool. did you hang onto the toenail? congratulations! have you decided which one you are going to do next???

  2. Congratulations Ruth, I knew you could do it.

    Once you’re rested up I hope you will tell us all about this amazing accomplishment.

  3. Thanks, gals!!

    Disa, I can’t wait to read about your marathon experience. I hope your IT held out. Which marathon next? Some day I really want to do Portland. It’s very walker friendly. However, I don’t know if that will be this year. I think I’m going to keep training w/ my super-fun GPS pacing watch and try to get faster in the half marathon range before I go for a long distance race again. What about you? Have you chosen one?

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