FINALLY! Finally we have a candidate who I’m 100% unequivocally thrilled with. Finally we have a candidate who I believe can win. Finally we can move forward with the race we need to run. Finally I can cover up the tattered John Kerry bumper sticker on my Jeep. (Last campaign the Jeep carried a Wesley Clark sticker for months only to be covered eventually in defeat. This campaign I vowed to hold out for the final candidate.)    

On Saturday, I said to Andy, “Wow, it sounds like I may get to do my first marathon and have Obama officially seal the nomination all in one week. Awesome!” YES! 

Currently in the middle of a deadline at work, but will be sure to fill you in on the marathon soon. In the meantime, thanks for your support. I haven’t yet photographed the back of my marathon jersey (was too busy looking forward, I suppose) but it said, “Yes We Can!” Yes!

6 thoughts on “Yes!

  1. I’ve been following Obama for about 10 years now and have said all along he would one day be our president – or at least it was a dream I had. I had tears in my eyes when he announced he was the candidate. How awesome to see him come this far and to know what barriers both candidates have had to overcome – Makes me proud to be an American!

  2. Ruth…sorry, as a military man, the man makes me sick. His experiance is so limited it is scary…it is logistically impossible for us to pull out of Iraq in 60 days (and stratigaclly stupid) Plus, I have a thing against Socialism. He’s no dummy, don’t get me wrong, and I think it is awesome that minorities have come so far. Trust me, I’m color and gender blind when it comes to leadership/politics/right person for the job, but he speaks of pipe dreams…and his vote, or Hillary’s if she gets some super delegates, from the military will be extremely limited. By the way Clarke screwed up Bosnia…last I checked, we are still there so he shouldn’t put down our commander in chief…he screwed the pooch in Eastern Europe…any mil scholar (righty or lefty) will tell you that. Trust me, I’ve lived the live for almost 13 years. Anyway, nice blog (s)…I might not agree with you but democracy is awesome…that’s why I do my job!!! PS…any hints on marathon training? Knees kill me but want to give it a shot in about 10-12 months—TFD

  3. I have not seen a better live political beat on television than Obama saying “This is the moment…”

    Even though I voted for Clinton (nothing against Obama, I preferred her health care plan) I feel both sides won something on Tuesday.

    Our party delivered this election season. Both candidates visited every state where any American could have actually seen them in person.

    McCain doesn’t have a chance in November.

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