Go Team!

Team In Training Westside – Greater L.A. – Summer 2008

This is my team.
The men & women in these pictures , specifically these men and these women, have collectively raised $363,000 to care for people with cancer,
and to research a cure for cancer.
I’m really proud of these people.

p.s. iMovie beats cleaning the house!

6 thoughts on “Go Team!

  1. so ruth… just how amazed with yourself are you? cuz i am over the top amazed. you should be so proud. your video brought tears to my eyes! to complete a marathon is one of the things i really want to do and how very motivating you have been. WAY TO GO!!

  2. AWESOME! Thank-you! I cant’ tell you how much it means to families like mine. And what a great accomplishment in itself to run a marathon. You ROCK!

  3. J – I’m so glad you were able to see the video. Can’t get YouTube to play it on my work computer…. but it still works on both macs at home, so I’ve left it up.

    Thanks for all the positive feedback, everyone.

  4. Thank you for such great comments! I have to say that the video just about made me cry. We are just over half way throung our training and after every long walk I seem to get incrediably emotional (thinking about my Gram and everything). I’m going to have to invest in a good digital (light) camera for my marathon!


    Savin Oxide

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