Full Stop

A dear friend sent this video to me today. It made me feel good . . . even though I don’t know who half of these people are. Will.I.Am.? I typed his name on an invoice the other day but if he were sitting next to me at Houston’s would I know? Nope.

I really don’t care how The-Currently-Swollen-in-the-Face-Justin Timberlake votes, nor do I trust any celebrities like him to be informed on my behalf. I’ve got the facts down; I know that Barack Obama is the best available choice for our country right now.

The reason I’m posting this video is that I love the ethos of seeing artists stand up this way. They look and sound fabulous and they make me want to stand up on top of my desk and be counted among them – Oh Captain, My Captain, Obama, YES! . . . Obama! Obama!

I’m turning the comments off because this point is not up for discussion. Nor does it have to be. This blog is not a democracy; it’s my kingdom.