Thinking About Another Marathon

My big con against doing another marathon is how bloody difficult it was to walk for the 24 hours – okay, 36 hours – after the event. My feet were seriously baby balloons. I’ve decided that if I could just do the whole race in less time, my feet wouldn’t get as swollen. Seven hours is just too long on the poor peddlers. So the current training goal is simple: walk faster.

I can do 13:45 minute miles for shorter walks – but I realize that I need to build in intervals of a 15:00 minute mile pace in order to have true stamina. The question is – is that fast enough to finish in 6 hours? And an even better question – is 6 hours short enough to combat the swelling? Do I need to start jogging? It’s time for some math – followed by some goal setting. Perhaps another RNR in SD ’09 . . . . Could be a good life long habit.

O.K. – What you’re hearing is my overly analytical mind trying to figure out my marathoning. This is the chatter I’m forced to live with when I take on a race. The antidote is when I watch videos like the one posted here . . . that’s when the worries quiet, and my heart takes over. There’s an invisible force that just pulls me forward with no logic, no turning back, no matter what: finish.

Hearing about the Hoyts, all of my words dissolve into nothing. Not even silence. Just a place vacant of “Ruth”. Perhaps their inspiration brings me closer to that thing some people call “the annihilation of ego” or absence of self. Or maybe I’m just filled with an unprecedented amount of awe. What an extraordinary team.

9 thoughts on “Thinking About Another Marathon

  1. wow, any doubt i had about my abilities…am signing up for disney marathon in jan :)

    EDITORIAL NOTE – comment made to posting of video alone before text was added.

  2. Wow. No more excuses over here.

    EDITORIAL NOTE – comment made to posting of video alone before text was added.

  3. NG – Humbling – very good word.

    Disa – CONGRATS!! Way to go! I’m extremely tempted to register for another one soon too.
    Hearing about your new commitment has inspired me to add to this post. Thanks.

    aziemniak – RIGHT? :)

  4. you know….all finishers of the nike womens marathon in san francisco get a tiffany necklace handed to them by a hot, hot man…something to think about…could be worth all those hills…. ;)

    Yes – the men in tuxes even offer those little blue boxes to people who complete the 1/2 ALSO!! It’s tempting!!

  5. Ruth,

    I was just reading an article about RD’s becoming a big part of the US Olympic Team’s training, preparation and competitions. It may be beneficial for you to meet with an RD in your area who is Certiifed as a Sports Dietitian for some advice on your training diet. Diet plays a big role in those unwanted side effects like swelling. Email me if you have questions or need help finding someone in your area.

    OMG, Jenn! I’m just now seeing this!! YES! I will see an RD when I begin training for the next one. THANK YOU!!

  6. Wow, what a story! Ruth, you can do it and it sounds like you’ve already made up your mind, it’s just a matter of how to handle the side-effects and I know you’ll be able to figure it out.

    Here’s to marathoning for the common good, wellness and well-being!

    Thanks so much, Sam. I so appreciate your encouragement. You’re a light!

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