Ruth’shead Revisited

I hadn’t even heard that Brideshead Revisited was being remade into a feature film until three days ago. I’m just that out of the loop. So tonight, I went to the movie theatre with girlfriend and remembered dreams that had long since been packed away with my Lady Diana scrapbook.  (She was not a princess yet when I fell in love with her.)

I looked up at that screen, at the women in their diamonds, and thought, They didn’t know. They were completely innocent of any pain their jewelry may have caused. Once I didn’t know. I wish I could go back to that happy state of not knowing.

It’s not that I really want to go back to being 12 years old again.  But tonight, hearing the dialogue between Sebastian and Charles brought me right back to the old living room on Phillips Drive. Watching Brideshead in 1982 was the first time I claimed a vision for my future, for my identity, that felt all my own. I wanted to wear those dresses, and sit in those rooms, and walk in those gardens, and play chess, and talk all day. I wanted to be rich. There wasn’t any shame about it.

Until tonight, I had forgotten what that felt like.

3 thoughts on “Ruth’shead Revisited

  1. ruth – you are not that far out of the loop. i had no idea that they were making it into a movie and i have never seen it. was it a movie to begin with or a tv show?

    occasionally, i’m struck by something that brings back a memory of a moment that i didn’t remember was so sweet. i love it when that happens!

    It was an extended miniseries . . . 11 or 12 exquisite episodes.

  2. Ruth – I must live under a rock! I missed it the first time and the second time almost passed me by too. Thanks for posting this. It looks great. Is this the original or the remake…I’m going to try to find this on Amazon.

    This is the original. It’s like, 12 episodes. If you’ve only got 2 hours instead of 12, the movie is lovely.

  3. I was surprised (and excited) when I saw a trailer for this when at the cinema to see Wall-e.

    Question is.. is it any good?!

    It’s good. Bear in mind, I’m 100% not objective. I mean, it took me right back to 1982 and the deep fascination I used to have with the lush setting and British aristocracy of generations ago. That aside, the direction is top notch. Beautiful. It’s well acted. Enjoyable. Sweet. Sad.

    Still, if the miniseries hadn’t been a first love of mine, I have no idea how much I would have cared for the movie.

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