Someone stole the Barack sticker right off the back of my Jeep yesterday. Cheap shot. I’m going to do what MLK might have recommended – I’m going to buy 100 stickers and carry them with me. Every time I approach the car, if I see the sticker has been removed, I’ll replace it on the spot.

“The world is full of trouble, but as long as we have people undoing trouble, we have a pretty good world.” — Helen Keller

7 thoughts on “THIEVES!

  1. i have soooo been tempted to yank off all the little fish, W, 1man + 1 woman = gods plan for marriage at the mega church in town and replace it with the darwin “fish”, the gefilte “fish” and a couple of democrat stickers.
    – – –
    You ARE in the bible belt, aren’t you? I’m SOOOOOOOOOO grateful that I go MONTHS & MONTHS without seeing Republican stickers. And I can’t recall the last time I saw a fish. THANK GOD!

  2. LOL on Disa’s comment.

    Ruth, great idea. It’s their way of unwittingly supporting Obama’s campaign and it makes you feel good to know you’re contributing. :-)

    And for Disa, whenever I see one of those gay-bashing, bible-thumping bumper-stickers, I just smile knowing our right to free-speech is still protected and it helps me to know that I am honoring it unlike the THUGS who stole your sticker, Ruth.
    – – –
    Thanks, Sam. It’s exhausting sometimes having to share space with such hateful and stupid people. But my fat stack of bumper stickers have been ordered and I’m ready to be persistent.

  3. iamsamiam – what about Ruth’s right to freedom of speech?! Someone isn’t as thoughtful as you.

    Perhaps they are stealing it to put on their own vehicles? But probably not.

    You need to get what I did Ruth.. cause if its INSIDE the car the bastards can’t get it..
    – – –
    I LOVE that…. is it scented like Justice, Intelligence and Compassion? And if so, does that smell like evergreen? Or tropical fruit? . . . . Bubble gum?

  4. california is this weird blend of west coast liberal and conservative republican. interesting reversal on this whole issue is a seattle friend’s dad is quite “churchy” and has a couple of the aforementioned bumper stickers on his car. she (my friend) is pretty liberal, but said that countless seattle “crunchies” driving volvo’s with “free tibet” stickers etc would honk/shake fists/make dirty faces at her dad as they drove by. i s’pose both sides can be just as bad as each other.
    – – –
    As fair minded people, most non-republicans I know are willing to thoughtfully examine issues and offer the idea that “both sides can be as bad.” The truth is, I don’t believe it. I don’t believe that both sides are as bad as the other. Not for one minute. Crimes (I’m not talking about sticker theft–I’m talking about breach of national security in the outing of a CIA agent–I’m talking about contriving evidence to go to war), real crimes are being committed and I’m tired of being labeled as something negative just because I want justice. People talk about “angry liberals” as if we’re the scum of the earth, but I don’t think anyone would want to live in the world where angry liberals were fully powerless. Think of all the progress that has come to human beings over the course of history due to risks taken by angry liberals. Anyone who is “unable” to see clearly that we’ve all been gravely injured by 8 years of Republican leadership is just plain ignorant.

    Sorry, Disa, my tangent wasn’t meant for you — you inspired it. Not the first time you’ve inspired me to add to a post. Thanks!

  5. I heard on NPR a while back that a Republican guy kept getting his signs stolen off his lawn. One day he got so pissed off that he set up a video camera & replaced his sign with an electric shock sign (like a dog collar). The next day, an angry mother of a nine year old knocked on his door, proclaiming that the guy shocked her kid when he tried to take the sign.


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