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I have a long time–on again/off again–writing teacher who often times starts workshops by asking students to complete the sentence, “I want to write about _____,” (in writing) over and over again for 20 minutes or so. Without doing that exercise, I have the impulse to let you know what I have a mind to write about in the short term future.

I want to write about (in no particular order):

  • Yesterday.  Before the sun set, as I drove westward toward home from a day complete with happy adventures, I had declared it among my top 5 days in Los Angeles.
  • The other top 4 days in Los Angeles.
  • What it was like to experience my first marathon.
  • Today’s headline: Stampede kills 145 at remote Hindu temple in India.
  • My recent experience falling in love with the movie “The Year of Living Dangerously.”
  • How it feels to begin watching Season 3 of Battlestar on DVD. The prevailing thought running through my mind is holy frak, if that’s not Iraq — wait, no “ifs” about it, that’s Iraq! Way to go, SciFi Channel. Fraking-A!

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