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Last month I wrote about how my intuition keeps waking up around the idea of my future involvement in prison reform. Yeah, I think it’s strange, too.  But I’m going with it. It feels right. And I felt it again the other morning.

Dr. Wayne Dyer writes and speaks about the importance of saying, “Yes,” — “When you say yes to life, you attract divine guidance. When you’re inspired, you’re collaborating with fate. Everything starts working for you.” 

Sometimes the “yes’s” are small: as small as reading an e-mail. The other day I got a message from an amazing woman, Taryn, who I met a few years ago in a writing class.

Taking that class was another “yes”. There were only four students. We had affirming, sincere discussions about intuition, the present moment, etc.. When we proposed that we were “supposed to meet,” the teacher said, “Of course.”

So the other morning, Taryn’s e-mail announced that her new non-profit initiative is underway. Her note linked me to this. (After following the link, choose BLOG, and read “Juvenile Hall The Real Story.”) When I read it, tears left my eyes in constant motion. First the right eye, then the left, then both. Do you ever have that kind of no-resistance crying? It’s so odd. I did what all the teachers have instructed: I paid attention. I wrote to Taryn that morning to let her know that reading her story was like feeling divine hands pressing on the clay of me.

I’ve spent time this weekend reading more about Taryn’s work. I’m so grateful because her path is really enlightening mine. Ideas at her site have linked me to learning about people practicing organized meditation for peace in cities, at universities and even at prisons. Regular readers here know that I have this awakening passion for prison reform – and also that I have absolutely no idea what I might eventually do with it. I’m at the stage of: this moves me: I’ll learn more about it. 

Thanks to Taryn, look what I discovered today: Prison Dharma Network. (Right, I can’t hear the word “Dharma” without thinking of Lost either. That aside, I can’t wait to read this whole website.)

Meanwhile, I hope you will take time to check out Taryn’s endeavor: YOUTH ABILITATION.  Learn about these impressive young people and their teachers. If you feel moved to donate, listen to your yes.

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  1. My mind totally went to LOST. I’m going to check out Taryn now. Thanks for the post Ruth.

    I love JJ, but, yeah, he ruined the word (Dharma) for our whole generation.

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