Mother knows best

My growing discontent with work (the place where I’m paid to go) has led me to more passionately explore ways to relax in my free hours. Hearing about my yoga/meditation flirtations, Mom recommended that I pull out the old mandala coloring pages. 

I don’t have a printer here at home, but come tomorrow night, I’ll have the image above available on a piece of paper. Armed with my ready supply of art pencils, I’m going to fill in some color. I’ll report back to you afterwards to let you know how it feels.  I’m breathing easier just imagining it.  

Maybe I’ll even do some photography while I’m at it so that I can have a little fun with animation. Ahh, here comes the creativity, already. Sigh. Yes.  

Speaking of that, check out what I made last weekend.  Fun!

2 thoughts on “Mother knows best

  1. When we were in the process of moving and the chaos that accompanies any large move, I started each school day with mandala pages for the girls. It really brought us all to the same place and the peace that fell over us was very real.

    May you experience the same. I really like the page you’ve chosen!

  2. I’ve never heard of mandala but it sure looks like fun.

    When I managed the nursing agency back in good ole So. MD, I used to keep a coloring book and crayons in my bottom drawer and I can’t tell you how many HOURS I spent shut up in my office coloring my stress away. It works. It’s also fun for conference calls, especially when you have to be on speaker phone, it kept me from blurting out things like “are you kinding me?” or “yeah, with me and what army?”

    Great video by the way. VERY creative.

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