What Is

I’m trying to avoid taking a Western approach to my mandala coloring; yet, perhaps the very act of “trying” to divert from my own culture is futile. I could write about this for paragraphs. But surrendering to what is is in order. Not only am I a western thinker, I’m also short on time. That place with the bosses and the clients and the numbers to tend to is demanding my attention. Bye for now.

3 thoughts on “What Is

  1. I found the same pattern online and gave them to our girls to color – my youngest used many of the same colors you’ve chosen – Are you, too, feeling young at heart?

    These colors remind me of spring, rebirth, renewal. Are you in a starting place in your life? I totally don’t mean to sound like a fortune-teller!

    Good morning, Sam! I’m having insomnia and am delighted to find your message. I think I very much am at a starting place . . . I’ll fill you in when I pass through the utterly figurative “first trimester”.

    It’s so cool that you found the same mandala for your girls to color. Sweet!

    I’ve taken to keeping one under the key board at work so that when I’m on the phone or waiting for a report, I can color. That one is all yellow highlighter, murky graphite, and blue ink so far.

  2. I love o color and those look like the kind of thing to do to relax and relieve stress….

    “figurative” first trimester?!?!

    Wm! You’re alive! Can’t wait to hear all about your new home!

    Yes, the mandala coloring is pretty cool stuff. Very easy to print out for free online. Then the actual coloring is really transformative. A great way to be creative, mindful, even prayerful.

    Re: my “first trimester” — the operative word is FIGURATIVE! You know, “departing from a literal use of words; metaphorical.” Silly!!

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