All hail CSPAN!

I am, again, infuriated by the American press which refuses to actually engage in aggressive investigation, examination and/or accurate reporting of . . .  of anything that’s important.

Is it incompetence, neglect or worse, a silent form of censorship deployed by media owners? Thank goodness for Media Matters, a great resource for those who prefer to learn the truth.

Before labeling me a “liberal alarmist” for being dissatisfied with the status quo, consider the fact that radio personalities in Rwanda played a major role in literally encouraging mass murder. But that’s for another post.  

Back to today. 12:46pm PST, live coverage from Springfield, IL.  We broke away from CSPAN to see what the majority of people might be watching. All stations had similar visuals: Barack, Joe, Michelle and Jill greeting the crowd after the speeches. There were babies held aloft. Don’t you love seeing those babies? Kiss the baby. Kiss the baby! What I couldn’t get over was the sound bites.

FOX – The voice over is saying something to the effect that Obama says McCain is unqualified for the Presidency because he voted for the war, but Biden voted for the war.

Logic of a 4 year old. I will not waste my time arguing at that level of stupidity.

CNN –  We hear: Many American’s don’t understand Obama’s values.

Is that a fact? What’s the source? Which values?

CSPAN – No voice over. We hear the sounds of the crowd gathered.

We are left to think for ourselves. 

3 thoughts on “All hail CSPAN!

  1. I agree – the media is a joke. Reminds me so much of the film Idiocracy – I keep waiting for Cosco to start classes.

    The fact that someone being intelligent is a detriment to his or her run for the presidency would be an interesting story, methinks.

    Ooh-ooh! I have a new blog rule! Everytime someone mentions the movie Idiocracy, I will link to my favorite part of it. This is the 2nd time. Yes! Here goes:

    Now, my friends (on-line and 3d, alike) who are mothers can read into this the fact that this is what I watch to make myself feel better when I’m actually feeling sad about never having children.

    Furthermore, it bears pointing out that the parents of young children in my life who are coming to mind (you and Monica included) are indubitably highly intelligent. Enough back paddling! Enjoy the clip!

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