My Precious

The first time I heard of ocean glass I was less than 4 feet tall standing in church. The person giving the children’s mini-sermon let us reach our hands into a paper bag of dull shards – bottle fragments worn harmless by the tide and sand.

Broken glass submerged, tossed for days and years, until every edge is eroded smooth. That is how the universe heals all of us.  Isn’t this ring amazing? No one died for it, no one was enslaved for it. My mom cringes when I talk this way because diamonds are so so lovely to look at and wear. I assure her, and all of my friends with pretty gems that my avoidance of the precious jewelry trade is a personal decision. It doesn’t reflect on my feelings about their wardrobes at all.  But I’m getting ahead of myself here.

This past weekend, my far away niece and I did some on-line shopping together to celebrate her birthday. We’ve shopped this way together before, but this time I gave her a “birthday gift allowance” and I told her, we’re not going to the ordinary virtual mall to patronize Aeropostale.  I introduced the idea of shopping from and supporting artists instead of big companies.  We also spent some time at The Animal Rescue Site and their partner shops, where she could read first hand about fair trade.  We had a great time.  She found a lot of very cool jewelry.  And so did I.

The ring pictured here is enroute to me now.  It was made by a woman who has an Etsy shop called Morasha Jewelry.  And guess what? She blogs!.  I hope you’ll swing by her shop periodically. Her work is special.  Stay tuned for more on my thoughts about this ring. But first, my day job is a-callin’.

p.s. Anyone who buys that Vintage Fruit necklace had better be prepared to share it with me.  I’ve got my eye on it!

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09/14/08 UPDATE: I want to thank Christina Schmidt for posting this at her blog. It’s a wonderful story of diamonds, camaraderie, transformation and joy.

4 thoughts on “My Precious

  1. the vintage fruit necklace is very tempting, but the strawberry lime earings – i would so claim those if i could afford it right now! it’s all fantastic jewelry. i’ll have to keep it in mind when i do have a few extra dollars laying around!!

    Great choice. I can’t believe those earrings sold already!

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