Still Reeling

Yesterday a new friend looked me in the eye and told me that Governor Palin has more experience than Senator Obama. Really? I humored him, I’m looking forward to learning about that. She’s still in her first term as Governor but prior to that, she was a two term city council member, and later the two term mayor, of Wasilla.  This must be what my friend meant: Palin has mastered the inner workings of an American city.

Wasilla.  Population 6,715. Annual Revenue $12,695,563.  The public water system serves 746 customers. There are 21 police officers.

The mayor of Wasilla governs along side of six city council members.  An example of their meeting agendas follows:

Ordinance Serial No. 08-24: Amending The FY-08 Budget
By Accepting And Appropriating $1,000 In State Of Alaska
Department Of Natural Resources Division Of Forestry Grant
Funds For The 2008 Arbor Day Program.

Ordinance Serial No. 08-25: To Amend The FY-08 Library
Budget By Accepting And Appropriating $969 From The
Alaska State Library Continuing Education Grant Funded By
Federal Monies From The Institute For Museum And Library

Ordinance Serial No. 08-27: Amending The FY-08 Budget
By Accepting And Appropriating $1,500 In Donations From
Wal-Mart And The Frontiersman For The Annual Clean-Up
Days Program And The Arbor Day Celebration.

So the “new friend” – who is really happy about the opportunity to vote for Palin – is actually a co-worker who I’ve had to work more closely with in my new role. Months ago, we had a frustrating start getting into a routine, but we’ve both made successful efforts to pull together as a team. It’s been good. I’m determined to keep this a positive working relationship.

I won’t have a repeat of the June 2004 dinner party when I made a miserable attempt to educate some Fox watching table-mates. Never again will I storm away from my older-GOP-supporting-brother in magnificent and utter anger the way I did in August that same year. Nope, this is a new age. I’m much more evolved now. I’m practicing coexistence. Tolerance.

Yet, (dammit!) I’m up before dawn looking up population statistics. We’ve covered Wasilla; how about Illinois? The state where Obama served seven years in General Assembly as a state senator. Illinois: population approaching 13 million. Surely I must have misunderstood what my colleague meant when I heard the words, “She’s got more experience than Obama.”

Look what I just learned: Governor Palin, the governor of the only state with polar bears, has said she would sue the federal government in opposition to listing the animals as an endangered species.

From the Anchorage Daily News, “A plank of her first annual State of the Union address: getting the 19-million-acre Arctic National Wildlife Refuge open for drilling and other development. The refuge has been a federal protected area since the Eisenhower administration.”

I do not know whether to laugh or cry.

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  1. I am so frustrated right now by all of this – I know that I should be practice coexistence and tolerance. But I am finding it REALLY hard. I want to scream at anyone who makes pro-McCain / Palin remarks.. It could be the new diet I am on but I suspect its frustration because frankly its hard to try and show tolerance and coexistence for a bunch of people who just ramrod their opinions over everything.. what is it with Republicans and that? Do I go on their blogs and write “stupid righty always blaming the left” etc ? No. Argh…

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