Whose life?

The adamantly pro-life candidate for U.S. V.P., Sarah Palin

Ethics aside, ponder this: we have a 72 year old man running for president who hasn’t fully vetted his choice in a running mate. Put dear Sarah on a pedestal if you must, but think about what this decision says about the man who wants to lead our country.

I grew up in a community near Washington, D.C., a modest one, out near the tobacco fields. More than a few of our neighbors worked for the federal government. You always knew when someone was up for a promotion. The men (they were men in those days)  in suits would come out knocking on doors and would stay through a whole pitcher of iced tea at each and every house.

Today’s Wall Street Journal points out that people close to Palin were surprised by the news that she’s McCain’s choice. It “suggests the McCain campaign did little on-the-ground vetting of Gov. Palin. Indeed, many of her closest friends and supporters say they never talked with anyone from his camp.”

Have you ever applied for a job when you had to meet several different interviewers, several different times before anyone ever waved an offer in your face? Perhaps you even had to take a quiz. Well, that didn’t happen to Sarah Palin. McCain must have had a gut feeling.

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  1. I hate to demonize hunting, but naturally when you see someone who feels so strongly about something smaller than a zygote, its hard to see them lifting their still-warm prey’s head off the ground. Creepy isn’t it?

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