Prescription: More laughter

‘Tis the season when I think about the U.S. Presidential Election during at least 43 minutes out of every waking hour. Every waking hour. Yes, it’s an obsession. It feels important. I would argue that it is important. Those who disagree with me – and are candid enough – tell me I take it all too seriously. I don’t think something this important can be taken too seriously. But I do agree that it would be healthy for me to spend a little more of my time laughing.

Before I offer today’s “comedic break”, I just want to present a hypothesis that I believe would prove correct if put to a test. I can’t take credit for the idea. I heard it from a very knowledgeable person who quite eloquently talks about how unentertaining (and just plain bad) TV, film, music and literature would be if left to the North American conservative mindset.

Put another way: you know how right-wing pundits joke about “getting rid of all the liberals and foreigners”? Just imagine what would be left in the way of entertainment if they got their wish. Not a whole lot.

Obviously there are minor incidental exceptions: Chuck-go-Huckabee-Norris, Fred Thompson, Gov. Schwarzenegger, but they are – for the most part – actors not the creative forces behind the content. There’s the amazingly profitable country music genre and Ted Nugent. While that musical canon may satisfy a whole lot of folks, what if there were nothing else to listen to? Ever. There’d be no Nutcracker Suite for your grand-daughter to dance to in the Christmas pageant — Tchaikovsky was Russian.

Making art generally requires empathy with all types of human beings, as well as an ability to think about the world in complex ways. I could go on at length about the topic, but I won’t. Instead, I invite you to bask with me in the joy of watching a man who is quickly becoming my very favorite comedic actor. Will someone PLEASE cast him in a movie? Ladies and gentlemen, Keenan-Michael Key . . .

Thank you, Mister Key.

2 thoughts on “Prescription: More laughter

  1. oooh no absolutely fabulous, carry on films, little britain, the (original) office. although i wouldnt mind hugh grant being banned, or gordon ramsey for that matter…

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