(On Governor Palin) ” . . . . I would rather have a vice-president who is sensitive to the environment, who does not ridicule an esteemed opponent, and who is aware of government’s responsibility to its citizens who are ill-equipped to lead independent, productive lives”.   – Claire H., 85, Tennessee

I am not alone.

5 thoughts on “Solidarity

  1. I can’t believe how nasty the McCan’t campaign is already. Just wait for the first debate when Senator Obama shows the world some class, eloquence and kick-ass determination. I’m thankful to the Obama family for stepping up to the plate and taking the reins in this election. Looking forward to November!

  2. That is a nice photo.

    I agree with Iamsamiam, my entire family was so disgusted with McCain yesterday after his negative ad regarding the kindergarten students.

    How are we supposed to trust a man who is deliberately misleading the American public with such trash talk?

  3. The fact they want to compare her to the suffragettes makes my blood boil.

    – – – –
    Right. See, NG, Sarah’s just like the suffragettes because people with vaginas are all alike. It’s the way God made us. And we’re not really capable of rational thought, the way the people with penises are, so our main motivation for bonding together is because of our matching pee pees.

  4. I’ve been following politics for at least 12 years and I have not seen anything as low as that ad. Even my daughter who has no interest in politics said, “You just don’t go there, that is the worst.”

    I lost a lot of respect for McCain after that ad. I never thought he would do something like that.

    Kitty, I’m with you. I checked out the ad this morning and was really surprised by how smarmy – (no, I see upon retrospect that “smarmy” is the wrong word. Disgraceful is a more accurate choice) – disgraceful it is. Even one of my Republican friends put it in writing today, “Yeah, McCain messed that one up.”

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