I just O.D.’d on Momblogs. Not Wm’s or Trans’ or iamsam’s or faboo’s or kisses’ or kitty’s or rabbits’ ….. or seriously, ANY of the peeps in my snarkily super-intelligent & lovely blog roll. I love you guys. I do. 

No, I got lost in the web . . . the net . . . the link to the link to the link until I found myself waist deep in privilege and perfectly frosted cupcakes and basements with astroturf and flat screened TVs and women who never ever have to earn a cent – the sustenance just flows in and, even though they’ve got 34 nappies to change in a 24 hour period, they have the hours in each day to, not only churn out and post delightfully crafted essays, send work to editors of print publications, as well. I’m tempted to blurt out one syllable sentiments of contempt, but deep down I know jealousy doesn’t exist in my mindful self, so I won’t. 

Breathing now. I won’t. Because I spent 10 minutes meditating for peace in Sri Lanka today. Oohhmmm. I’m one with the light. Oohhmmm. We’re all one. Oohhmmm. Just washing my hands with warm water and fragrant soap is a heavenly joy. Oohhmmm.

Fucking Momblogs!

4 thoughts on “Uh-Oh

  1. “my snarkily super-intelligent & lovely”

    Thank you!

    Sometimes those mom blogs can give the rest of us an inferiority complex, especially those of us who try to look like Martha on the outside but feel like Lucille Ball on the inside!

    – – –
    :) I meant it. . . . . Your note reminds me of an idea I had recently (that I’m going to give away for free now) . . . what if someone remade “I Love Lucy” episodes, but gave the Lucy & the gang cell phones with text messaging? It would reshape every story!

  2. well, you couldn’t have found that cupcake on my blog, because i don’t frost that well. i eat the frosting before it makes it on the cupcakes… :)

    – – –
    See? That’s precisely one of the reasons why I love your blog. You’re HUMAN.

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