Country First!

“The McCain campaign reported paying $13,200 in September to celebrity makeup artist Amy Strozzi, who works on the reality show “So You Think You Can Dance.” She was paid $22,800 for the first two weeks of October, nearly double what the campaign paid McCain’s foreign policy adviserRandy Scheunemann, according to a filing report.” — From Associated Press 10/24/08.

After all, what’s so important about foreign policy when you’ve got wrinkles to hide and luscious venison-eating lips to decorate.  I’ve got an idea, hey John & Sarah, while you’re getting your make up done, why don’t you think about this: 

“Unemployment claims, already well into recession territory, are rising even faster than expected, leading economists warn . . . that the worst is yet to come.  As the Labor Department released bleak new numbers on the job market, Goldman Sachs, Chrysler and Xerox all announced they were cutting workers by the thousands, adding to the woes of an economy beset by tighter credit and wobbly banks.” — From Associated Press 10/24/08

p.s. I don’t think the growing population of hungry American children want the RNC’s donated clothes.

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