Project Inspiration Honoree of the Day: David Rovics

I learned about David yesterday morning, right around the time Barack and 9,000 voters were getting rained on in 41-degree-Pennsylvania. Fahrenheit, baby. It took a lot of surfing, but when I found a site called “Americans Who Tell The Truth”, I knew I was in for many treats.  Among them, David Rovics – the artist I’ve been looking for.

To quote Alex Bainbridge, “David Rovics is one of the best political songwriters in the English-speaking world today. His songs are a powerful musical challenge to the status quo. They are so effective because they are both politically sharp and contain beautiful poetry.”

David says in his bio, “It took five years to write the songs on We Just Want the World. But by around ’98 they started coming more predictably, due to nothing more mysterious than a combination of effort, practice, and an open heart. And lots of speeches by George W. Bush.” 

Does that mean that if Barack wins, David’s music is going to suffer? Nah, he’ll probably just write more songs for his daughter. . . his children’s album is completely smile inducing.  

Thanks, David!  

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