Scorecard Ready

Look what I made! What you see below is the scorecard I will be clinging to on Tuesday night.  It’s based on the most current state-by-state polling data that was available yesterday.  This chart helps me resolve a couple scenarios:

1. Ohio, Penn and Florida are all polling blue.  Even if ALL THREE of those states mysteriously go to McCain, we’re still left with 270.  Obama wins.

2. If Obama doesn’t take Colorado, New Mexico, OR Nevada (all polling blue) AND the RNC steals two of the three states noted above in #1, Obama still wins.

What happened to “Visualization Ruth“? What happened to “Project Inspiration Ruth“? She’s coming back, she just had to make her scorecard.  

[EDITED 11/3/08: I revised the scorecard today – Virginia is closer than I would like . . . need to keep our eyes on it.]

One thought on “Scorecard Ready

  1. This scorecard is great Ruth.

    Thanks! I made a new version at work yesterday that is my “most pessimistic outlook” – but Obama still wins. That’s the version I’ll use tonight when the results are called.

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