This day is here

I got out of bed at 3:07am wondering if the polls were open back east yet. It’s raining here. Still predawn. I watched a few Obama Peace Train videos on Youtube. Wept a little. Realized that I still haven’t filled out my absentee ballot. My tradition is to drop it off in person on election day. I cried harder at the idea of filling out my ballot. I considered lighting a candle and doing it now, but decided to wait a few hours for Andy’s company and coffee. I’d photograph it for the blog, but something about that feels like it would be illegal. Must not tamper. Will try to get some more sleep before my work day starts. I don’t know how.


2 thoughts on “This day is here

  1. My mom is the chief judge at the Madison polling location….she was there last night setting up and again bright and early….the polls opened up at 7:00.

    I can hardly stand the wait!

  2. I shed a few tears on the way to work. I saw a family taking their daughter to what looked like to be her first time to vote – they were proudly taking photos of each other outside the polling station. Let’s hope they won’t be disappointed.

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