Yes. New World.

We telephoned our parents as the results rolled in. “Wow.” Then CNN called it. We wept with the strangers who were now our table mates. Our parents called us 5 minutes later. “This is really happening.” Our best friends called us. “I love you.” And called again 5 minutes later. “I really love you.” And then, when Obama was the President Elect for 7 more minutes, “Have I told you that I love you?” The valet parkers lost our car; all smiles, all smiles. Yes! Yes! This is really happening. Allah Hu Akbar! Hallelujah!

But it became even more clear for me when Andy reached his pal on the line.  No hello, just, “So hey, world changed.”

World. . . changed.

President Elect Obama’s speech tonight was one of the best I’ve ever heard. Three words stood out to me, “. . . spirit of service . . .” Yes.

It reminded me of hearing a McCain supporter on the radio last night talking about how he wanted to keep ALL of his money ALL for himself. Which prompted the interviewer to say something to the effect that: We’ve got two wars going on — whatever happened to the idea of civilians having to make sacrifices? If there’s an enemy to fight, shouldn’t we all be cutting corners, making sacrifices for the greater good? But I digress.

Tonight, the world is a better place. For all of us.

Except for the fact that Andy paid .99 for Kool & the Gang’s “Celebration” just for this moment. Well, the lyrics do feel appropriate.

I prefer this one (also brought to me by my darling A):

We can’t stop because we love this life.

2 thoughts on “Yes. New World.

  1. I awoke this morning and wondered whether it was all a dream. SO wonderful to think of so many people coming together and working for change. This wasn’t an election about the candidate; it was about the people, for the people and by the people! Yes we can!

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