Malia has great taste in dogs. Can I have a rescued goldendoodle, too?

I’m happy to report that my letter to the ASPCA has been answered already! I should have known people would be on this mission.   

Hi Ruth, 

We couldn’t agree more!  Several animal welfare groups have been running campaigns over the last few months to drum up support/signatures to persuade Obama to make his new dog a rescue.  The most notable of these is probably the campaign run by Best Friends Network.  Check it out here: 

The ASPCA issued a press release to the media this week urging the Obamas to make adoption their first option.  You can view it on our website at this link: 

Also, our President, Ed Sayres, was quoted in this piece in USA Today: 

Thanks for writing and for caring about animals. 

And guess what??   Look!  “The Obama Family will Adopt.”  So energizing to see good work get done!  I guess I should have been reading my LA Times more closely; they announced the news back on 10/10/08. Just yesterday, The Chicago Tribune ran a story with this,

” . . . Michelle Obama told reporters in October that the family would select a rescue dog from a shelter. . . . At the PAWS Chicago Adoption Center, officials said they would be able to find a designer puppy to meet both Malia’s needs and her mother’s prerequisites.”   

What’s next? Let’s get on it! Can we do anything to help this situation?

UPDATE: The Humane Society invites us to sign their card to the Obamas here.

4 thoughts on “Puppy!

  1. I love the petfinder.com website. I surf all the time and dream, and cry. Some of the dogs on there are so sweet. We want a little sister for Max…one day…when we are back in the land of the free.

    I applaud the Obama’s decision to adopt. I wish more people would…we’ll see what happens.

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