Grateful again


More and more, I’m convinced I live in heaven. Right here. Right now. Heaven.

Tonight, I stood over the stove eating Kung Pao chicken (had ordered shrimp, but the dear got my order wrong) and brown rice hot from foil and paper boxes with my Litchi Martini buzz reading a charming letter from my sweet Aunt Ruth.  

Is it because Barack Obama is our President Elect? That may add a certain glee and sparkle to a lot of my moods – but no, that’s not it entirely. It’s that time and time again, I must continue to be awake to the fact that I have more comforts during more moments of every single day than even Queen Victoria did in her lifetime. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Ibuprofen. Chocolate. Pinot Noir. Lavender. Salt. Garlic. Hot bread-climate control-dry clothes-fresh water-WOW! These are luxuries I do not want to take for granted. These are gifts. This is heaven. This must be heaven.

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