The facts

Holidailies. Day one. Pressure’s on. I’m suddenly at a loss for words. Feeling almost like a blog-virgin all over again.

For days, I’ve been pondering this post, expecting inspiration to hit. It did two nights ago. When I blogged this piece about gratitude, I considered holding off and posting it today instead of when it was written. But I published it that night out of a desire to have my blog be somewhat of a barometer of my current vibe.  

So what’s my current vibe tonight? Neither here nor there. It’s Friday – the end of the first 5 day week I’ve worked in a couple weeks. The facts are: I’m tired, hungry, still wearing my bra. Blogging out of obligation. Blobligation? 

Nah, it’s not a BlogObligation . . . it’s my choice. My “solemn vow”.

I’ve got some things to say. But first, I’ve got to take this elastic fabric off of my torso and get on with my weekend. ’til tomorrow, happy holidailies.

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