First 24 hours down

Skin Test At Work-Day One

I’ve managed to maintain my  “quarter-sized” blotch “of mixture” throughout a day & night and so far, so good . . . no “rash, redness, burning or itching,” except that itching I told you about during minutes 6 through 8.  Nor, “dizziness, faintness, shortness of breath and/or . . . [my personal favorite] . . . swelling to the eyes/face”. 

I did a random sampling poll of (Okay. Two.) women yesterday and found out that none of them (The Two) bothered to do the Hair Dye Skin Allergy Test prior to dying their own hair. Brave souls. I mean, come on, if companies like Clairol – givers of healthy shine and glow never experienced from salon color – are printing two page instruction booklets that read like a disclaimer for a chemistry set you can’t buy over the counter, somebody somewhere has had some pretty god-awful swelling to the “eyes/face”.  Somebody somewhere has up and died from dying their hair. 

It won’t be me!

5 thoughts on “First 24 hours down

  1. I’m sure you are right about the “up and died”…glad it won’t be you.

    You are lucky your grey will color. Mine won’t…and I’ve had some since I was a teenager. I guess that’s from the Indian blood.

  2. I dont think I have ever done a test and I have been dying my hair since I was 16.. um thats 20 years. God I am old.

    If I may share my dying tips from 20 years of being a cheapo…

    1. vaseline around the forehead, ears and back of neck so you don’t get it on your face before you start. You could always buy this if you dont have vaseline..
    2. Have paper towels and bleach spray / cleaning spray handy.
    3. Have an old towel for drying your hair for the first week.
    4. If you do get some on your face those instant make up removal wipes are pretty damn good at getting them out. Alternatively I have read ash (yes cigarette etc ash) is good for getting rid of stains – I prefer the wipes myself.

    Good luck!!!

  3. yeah…um…live life on the wild side auntie ruth…no dye tests for this girl either…

    alcohol swabs will remove the dye from your skin too…if you should happen to get some on your skin

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