Fly Day

Disclaimer: I feel sort of superstitious. I’m typing this on Wednesday the 17th and will “schedule” it to be posted automatically on the 18th because on the 18th, I won’t be at work, and may not have access to an internet connection. Why does that make me superstitious? Because I’ll be on a plane. That’s why I wrote this disclaimer. It seems like if I just posted about flying and pretended to have posted that day (without a disclaimer) it would increase the chances of something going wrong with the flight. No logic; I know.

No red eye for me today. I’ve allowed myself the luxury of a mid afternoon flight. I get to sleep in until my normal time. Have a relaxing morning. The taxi will pick me up at a reasonable hour. Nice.

You know what I like to do as I board the plane? Before I step over the threshold from-whatever that thing is called-to the aircraft itself, I place my right palm flat against the side of the plane. And I pause there and talk to god for a second. It’s not a desperate or worried plea. Usually it’s a prayer of thanks with a flashing image of a covered wagon caravan stuck in the mud. The prayer does include a quick underlying request for safety, but mostly it’s about how I grateful I am to get to see my family nearly any time I need to. Then I remind myself of what I read in “Flying Without Fear” by Duane Brown, Ph.D. – that if the Empire State Building had big enough wings, it could fly, too. All of this happens in my mind in less than three seconds—about the time it takes to deliberately breathe in and out just once. Then I’m on board.

2 thoughts on “Fly Day

  1. I always recite the Pattern on the Trestleboard (kind of a set of affirmations) during takeoff. I am convinced that it keeps the plane in the air.

    Thanks, Mary. I finally just took the time to google the Pattern on the Trestleboard . . . it’s (for lack of a better word at the moment) lovely. I’m glad you mentioned it.
    Happy New Year,

  2. i have to stay awake the entire time- if i concentrate hard enough i can make turbulence go away. its going to stink as i have a 15 hour flight from jfk to abu dhabi tomorrow. im so glad im not the only one. all the other passengers look so calm and relaxed.

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