Today is the day

I have Kitty to thank. She wrote this post last week, and when I first read it, I ignored her charming call to action. Then, this past weekend, when she left an encouraging comment on my post about how anxious I felt over taking all my skinny clothes to Good Will, I knew the time had come to really start making some changes. To actually do better. 

I went to her blog and I posted a comment letting her know that I would commit to losing 7 lbs. by the end of February. It was her goal, and I thought, that’s reasonable, I can start there.  I felt sort of sneaky posting my goal at her blog, without mentioning it here.  Within hours, I realized that I was going to have to ‘fess up to my own readers and let them know this is a concrete ambition.   

Still, I put off exercising this weekend. Nor did I exercise this morning. And, I ate all of the Humboldt Fog from our cheese plate at the wine bar yesterday afternoon. With cranberries and walnuts. And crackers. Followed by popcorn and chocolate covered almonds in the movie oh my god someone stop me! 

Then I received two important e-mails. On the same day. Today. Dammit.

One from my old TNT coach letting all of us marathon alumni know that he’s leading our team again this year & wouldn’t we like to join him?

And one from an old college mate who recently completed the California Coast Classic 520 mile bike ride.

The message is clear. My heart rate is warming up already.

7 thoughts on “Today is the day

  1. just do it! :)

    D – Don’t you hate it when people say, “just do it!” ?? But since you’re you (so adorable) and since you added a smiley face and since you’re a 26.2miler (awesome) . . . Oh.KAY. I’ll do it. :) Thanks!

  2. Yay!

    I’ll keep after you too, so you have to do it. I’m so glad you’re with me on this, it makes it so much easier. I’m walking every step with you.

    THANKS – I NEED someone to keep after me! Speed walkers unite! Here’s to our health. :)

  3. i also hate when people tell me im going to get arthritis by the time i hit menopause from all this running, or “go ahead and eat this deep fried devils fudge cake with extra butter on the top, you run”.

    anyway, congrats on making the commitment!

    People suck! On a different note, I can’t wait to hear about how this weekend’s marathon goes. Woman, you inspire me!

  4. That’s a very reasonable goal Ruth. You WILL do it. I’m in “shrink me” mode myself right now. We can cheer each other on!

    Thanks, Jenn. It’s a deal!

  5. I am in “I gotta get moving before all my joints lock up” mode. Seriously…I hate to exercise but I gotta do something so my goal is to walk the kids to the park every other day…not get in the car and drive!

    That’s a great way to work exercise in to your day! And the walks with your kids will wonderful nurturing time for all you. Way to go, WM!

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