Keeping it real

The “crack” in my comment box says it’s time for an update. How many miles have I walked since January 5th? How many pounds have I lost? I great do I feel? After all, I only have until February 28th to lose 7 pounds. But it’s about more than a date and a measurement. It’s about rekindling habits that will save my life & make that life more enjoyable.   

I’m sooo grateful to Kitty for checking in on me. Have you read Kitty’s fabulous blog?  We became linked when we noticed that we both “dress alike” — that is to say, we both have the same “wallpaper”.  So when you visit her, don’t think you’re stuck on my page.  Anyway – Kitty’s got a ton of readers. A ton. And she’s offered to “crack the whip” on anyone willing to join her fitness band wagon. So generous of her. (I’m not being sarcastic. People often think I’m being dry when I’m actually making a sincere observation.) 

So Kitty checked in on me today. And that means it’s update time.  The truth is, I’ve been running hurdles. The problem is that that only involves my index finger and my thumb. What am I talking about? My new addiction:

Here’s the upside, I’m more motivated than ever to shift my focus to health and stock up on nutritious foods. See, I’ve been thinking a lot about my fitness goal.  I agree, that’s pretty lame. But I’m sure there’s something to it — something to mental focus. Stay tuned. I’m not giving up.

Postscript: In fairness to the “devil” in my cartoon – while it’s true, her post on the joys of mousehunt was the final straw that led me to FB, she is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian who has actually been an angel in my on-line quest for better health. And her blog is fabulous, too.

P.S.2: I’ve used these Gravatars without permission.  Gals – say the word & I’ll revise this post, no questions asked.  Thanks.

3 thoughts on “Keeping it real

  1. Hahahaha. I’ll have to show this to Blane.

    Hey I’ve been having the don’t wants. Really low energy levels and just not wanting to exercise. I just tell myself all I have to do is one lap because it’s better than no laps.
    Once I’m on there I tell myself I’m dressed and might as well do another.
    I have never gotten on there and not finished. I’ve wanted to, but the thought goes away after a few seconds.

  2. I love being a little devil every now and then. I’ve actually noticed that you haven’t been playing all that much Mousehunt so the “angel” must be winning! Good for you!

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