Ruth is blogging, sort of

The New Lily

WordPress, I’m going out on you. I’ve got another  flame. You know him: Facebook.

FB has been dominating my life these days.  Ultimately, I think it will benefit my blogging because I can leave the random short observations to FB, and attempt actual writing here. Is that like saying I’ll only use “the other man” for quickies, and promise to save the real love making for my spouse? If so, WordPress, you are my spouse. Okay, I agree: BAD METAPHOR. Don’t blame me, I can barely keep my head above water . . . this post was nearly “Ruth is enjoying cleaning the bathtub with her new battery powered sonic scrubber.” Period. End of post. ‘Cause that’s all FB wants of me.

Oh, except there’s the cat. The animated FB cat. Andy’s bothered because I’ve named her Lily. Confession: I spend more time grooming my animated cat than I do my real Lily. But before you point the finger at me, think of all the neglected human kids out there. Momma’s gonna need an intervention.

Mary, Bob, the world sure is different these days.

3 thoughts on “Ruth is blogging, sort of

  1. When I first started Facebooking I thought it would all but replace blogging. The thing is, people can’t find posts on Facebook using search terms. They have to know your name.

    It wears off, it really does. (btw all my eggs on hatchery are so unloved and cold)

    That’s good news….. and if your hatchery eggs are cold, that means your human offspring are thriving. Momma Kitty beat FB without an intervention, Yes! You continue to inspire. Thanks!

  2. you can also import all your blogs to facebook- they appear as notes. double bang for your bucks!

    Ahhh, but that would mean my 3D friends who I’ve let into my 2D world at FB would be privy to my WordPress-blog self. Too much crossover. I’m not ready to be that “whole”. Aren’t the layers of community and isolation fascinating?

  3. You just reminded me that I have a pet on Facebook…oh shoot, I hope he’s not dead. Come to think of it I better check in on my Webkinz today too~!

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