Recess – Depress

I’ve tried & tried, but find I really can’t blog about how the economy is affecting me in these pre-dawn hours. Suffice it to say I’m awake. 

I have the luxury of working right in the heart of a vacation destination (albeit a questionable one).  Middle Americans love to come within two blocks of the Pacific Ocean and go shopping at all the same chain stores they have in their home malls. Thus, the Santa Monica Third Street Promenade. 

Lately, when I take time to leave  the office for lunch, I’ve started collecting photos.  

Man with knitted cap: National Treasure 2 …. ohh, cool.
Woman with stroller: What’s 80% off of $23.99?
Man with knitted cap: Uh, uh, round up to 24, ten percent is …wait wait . . . 
Woman with stroller: Five, six dollas right?
Man with knitted cap: Wait, two forty, four eighty . . . subtract . . . ummm . . 
Woman with stroller: Five dollas?

Did donating these carts to a library occur to anyone at Borders management? For all I know, that’s what they did, but not for lack of trying to make a last buck.

I could tell myself that maybe our days of being a consumer culture are over, that maybe this time marks a big shift towards other – more fulfilling pursuits. But I’m sure I would be wrong.

4 thoughts on “Recess – Depress

  1. Wow, thank-you for posting the photos – Haunting. I hope you’re right in some ways – I feel like I’m seeing people behaving more genuinely these days, so maybe some good has come out of this already.

  2. There is one city that they say is not seeing a recession…DC. Not so much a consumer-based economy,,,,

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