Introducing The Wilshire Project

Driving home each night on Wilshire from the beach to Bundy, I’ve recently noticed a handful of restaurants that I’ve never been to.

So yesterday I started my project. I set out on foot and photographed each dining facade. The pics will serve as nothing more than a lazy girl’s list. So far I’ve only grabbed the Bundy to 20th images …. will get the other half another time.

Phase two was googling the reviews. In this manner, I was able to strike the likes of Drago and Pacific Dining Car OFF THE LIST.

This is how Andy and I found ourselves at Bar*Food last night. It was every bit as good as restaurant insider and writer, Food Woolf , said it would be.  

A must try is the edamame …. tossed with black bean sauce, it’s a savory take on a healthy munchie. And just as proprietor Jason Killakee promised after a nice welcoming chat, the Blue Moon on tap is so fresh that the orange essence delights as the brewer intended . . . even without an orange garnish.  Looking forward to my next visit when I’ll sample the Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup.

12217 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(310) 820.3274

Open every day but Monday / 5pm – 12 am

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  1. Hey Bigmouth – sorry for the delay. YES! there are some flat screens up with, of course, football (real football, not the U.S. mutation).

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