Tell me a story, for years and years

I do my best to think deliberately.  To choose nurturing, positive thoughts as often as possible.  A big part of that is filtering the input.  Commercials are muted.  TV news (except BBC and CSPAN) is forbidden.  I try to avert my eyes from the magazine headlines while in line at the grocery store, and I’ve never seen one second of American Idol.

I am a grateful TV junky, though.  It’s just that I get my programming on DVDs. I watch with my finger on the pause button to absorb, think, discuss, savor.  There are exceptions to the “no broadcast” rule: Top Chef. Daily Show. Rachel Maddow. Colbert Report. Family Guy.  But mostly, I’m a disc girl.

The downside to that is that I’m 1 to 4 years behind the rest of the world when it comes to appreciating current hits.  If someone announces they are lost on Lost, I know there’s no point in trying to discuss it. I’ve just learned that Kate and Jack . . . don’t worry fellow disc-fans, I won’t actually type a spoiler. I’m just now freshly devastated over the outcome of The Wire Season 3.  I will physically remove myself from any room where people are discussing what happens next. Don’t even threaten me with a Battle Star spoiler or I might get violent.

My favorite thing is to fall in love with a series that’s new to me when I know there are 5 or 7 seasons to look forward to.  The ideal show is a complex, well crafted, narrative arc that weaves fresh turns through years of my life.  I like it best when flawed human beings show their goodness — when they shine, in spite of their faults and mistakes. Like Russell “Ahmed” Stringer Bell and his Robert’s Rules of Order. God bless him.

The worst thing is to fall for a show that’s truncated early on.  Firefly. It vanished mid-honeymoon. Thank God for Dollhouse.  Although not on DVD yet, I’ve dared to peek. And it’s proving to leave lots of creative doors open. Yes, anticipation!

Speaking of Joss, I think I’ve found a show with Buffy potential. It’s just started its second season.  Still airing, so young. I’d do best to parcel out my affections. What is it? Reaper. The pilot is a Kevin Smith product. I’ll write more about it later.

For now, pressing publish without an ending…. determined to show my face at the office at a reasonable hour.

This post has been inspired by Thank Heavens for St. Clare.

2 thoughts on “Tell me a story, for years and years

  1. I love the disc sets. It’s so much easier for me to watch them on disc than to try to follow them week after week. I still have my weekly shows, but the ones I don’t have a chance to watch regularly I catch on disc, that seems to work for now.

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