Fantasy Police Department

I don’t know what a Fantasy Baseball League really is, but while I was watching Claudette’s dignified intelligence on my DVD of The Shield Season 2 this morning, I got the idea for a Fantasy Police Department.

I could make up some rules….like limiting the number of officers, or only being able to choose X number of officers from each show, or having to create a racially balanced department. After all, real law enforcement entities have budgets and quotas to meet. Maybe on the next go-around. For now, no rules.

A bit about the premise. I know that Cop shows are lame without the foils – the lazy, stupid, criminal, weak links. My fantasy department isn’t necessarily going to make great entertainment, but it will solve some crimes. Must haves:


1. Claudette Wyms inspired this project. I don’t know her very well; like I said, I’m only in the middle of The Shield – Season Two. So far, she’s got my attention. I want her on my side.


2. Frank Pembleton: Homicide. God-I-love-this-character. ‘nough said.


3. Lester Freamon: The Wire. What a mind. What a mind.


4. Big G or Little G? Big G or Little G? The Giardello family has so much going for it. Leadership, wisdom, pragmatism. Hmmmm, I’ll come back to this one.


5. Here’s where I’m treading on dangerous ground. The Wire, The Shield and Homicide are probably the only police shows I’ve watched sequentially, minute by minute without missing a beat. Law and Order has come into my life much more like wafts from the neighbor’s barbecue. So I haven’t fully scrutinized all of the decisions and quirks of Robert Goren. Let’s just say that if he’s on the screen, I’m more apt to take a seat and try to follow the plot line.

Time to go to work . . . stay tuned for a future post when I determine whether or not my department can handle the likes of “Jameson” McNulty and Bi-Buddhist-Bayliss, God love ’em. I might even pick just one G.

2 thoughts on “Fantasy Police Department

  1. Great squad Ruth. Not a cop show, but interesting (in my mind anyway) is the AMC show called Breaking Bad. I really liked the first season. They are going in to Season 3, check it out if you have a chance. Netflix has Season 1 – only 7 episodes.

    Jenn, we LOVE Breaking Bad. I’ve only seen Season 1 via Netflix … but am excited for when the next season becomes available.

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