Back to Basics

It might look as though I’m regressing.  48 hours ago, I picked up Danica McKellar’s book for 11-13 year old girls, “Math Doesn’t Suck,” and have compulsively gone through 10 chapters and two mechanical pencils.

I’ll admit it: at the end of the last post, when I said I was ready to put the puzzles down, I was wrong. Should I be revising my resume? Yes. Is a refresher course on complex fractions really necessary now? No. So what am I going to do next? Chapter 11!

It’s not that crazy, really. After so many days and weeks and months of ambiguity, it makes sense that I would want to dwell in a place of concrete answers. Solving math problems page after page is showing me that

  • there are answers, and it’s not impossible to get to them.
  • it’s never too late to develop skills I had given up on.
  • whatever I think I know about myself isn’t the end of the story.

So this time, the process of self-discovery begins with multiplication and long division. I’m really looking forward to the algebra.

One thought on “Back to Basics

  1. Ah – maybe I wasn’t “listening” when you mentioned this book the first time. This is a great book for my little “Lulu.” I’m going to Amazon right now and ordering one for us. Gracias!

    Hey Napmom! Keep me posted about how it goes. I just finished the book last night & had the most fun with it. I’m going to go out this week and buy the next book “Kiss My Math: Showing Pre-Algebra Who’s Boss”.

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