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Trying to make the most of my new found free time, I woke up today and set out to skim my favorite blogs. Stop # 1 – fabulous Faboo’s post about things not to share with your partner.

Although I’m doing my best, since discovering the bliss of sweeping leaves, to single task as often as possible, it’s still a challenge. So by 7:06 a.m., I’m reading Faboo with my left eye and checking my email on the iPhone with my right eye. By the time I get to Faboo’s #6 on “the almost definitive list of things couples should never share,” computers, I see an emailed receipt from iTunes showing that in addition to the FREE Kindle-for-iPhone app I downloaded the other day (LOVE IT!), we’ve also been charged $9.99 for “Love Junk”.

Love Junk? I open up iTunes on the computer and search for that title. Yep, Love Junk. A Pursuit of Happiness album (can we still say album?). It’s right there in the list of purchases.

Andy and I have been sharing a computer for a few months now. His lap top has decided to perform fewer and fewer tasks; it specializes in crashing mostly. One of the reasons I tolerate having it around (even though we’re really out of square footage) is because that slow pulsing light is oddly comforting, like an incredibly low maintenance pet. Now that Fido won’t roll over, my laptop is filled with the likes of Love Junk (from, when was it? 1988?) and other must haves that I would have never chosen.

In November alone, I became the unknowing owner of selections by Van Halen, Heart, Lynyrd Skynyrd, REM, Motley Crue, Rush, 2 Pac, Sir Mix-A-Lot, ZZ Top and singles like: Surfin’ Bird (Thank you, Mr. MacFarlane) and Wooly Bully. There’s also some comedy by Mitch Hedberg.

We’re not short on drive space (yet), and Andy works hard for his disposable income so I suppose I shouldn’t question his purchases. I suppose I can handle sharing a computer with him for the time being. After all, we’re both savvy enough to know when it’s time to clear the history. And it’s not as if he’s sharing my toothbrush or eating my thin mints.

As much as I cringe at some of Andy’s musical choices, I’ve got to admit, it’s actually a luxury having my own personal DJ whip out surprises on Friday nights.

What’s up Cali, what’s up?
What’s up Cali, what’s up?
Jump on it!
Jump on it!
Jump on it!

Try not dancing to that. Just try. Some single tasks come naturally.

One thought on “Love Junk

  1. OK, sure, I’ll say it: Ruth may have left them off her otherwise fully accurate list, but I also bought myself a little Motorhead and Doobie Brothers in the month of November. I stand by these purchases. The inner 15-year-old wants what he wants, and thanks to the miracle of iTunes, by god he will have it. But rising to my own aesthetic defense, I’ve got to report that October was rather a more representative month on the iTunes front. Check it: Built to Spill, T.S.O.L., Replacements, Goo Goo Dolls (“Jed” – not that mid-90s prettyboy stuff), Judas Priest (OK, sure); Michelle Malone, Proclaimers, Squeeze, Naughty By Nature, Black Lipstick, Pete Murray, Weather Machines, Earthless, the Clash, Creedence, Wolf Parade, Isley Brothers, Mastodon, Ghostface Killah, Emily Wells, the Feelies, the Breeders, KT Tunstall, Anna Nalick, Trans AM and KRS-One. I’m just sayin…

    Emily Wells was mine. :)

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