“Unless they some smart-ass pawns”

I’ve become like a bad babysitter of Holidailies, “Ruthie’s got stuff to do, kiddos. Sit and watch this video; I’ll be back tomorrow.”

Seriously, I can’t tell you how happy I am that Andy cycled The Wire back on to our Netflix queue. To make matters even better, his dad recommended Terry Gross’ NPR interviews on Fresh Air with a ton of ‘Wire creators, including this one I listened to while sorting the laundry the other day.  It’s weeks like this one that I’m so grateful for the internet to be able to access this stuff.

If I had to name one reason why I love The Wire, it would be this: ultimately, if you watch long enough, everyone is lovable. Some people are easier to love than others. Andy and I find the drug dealers to be 100% charismatic. In Season One, some of the police (I’m leaving off the word “officers” since this is Bal-more) – especially those in higher ranks – seem impossible to like, but you get five years with them. Sooner or later, the omniscient view of The Wire (coupled with the intelligence and sensitivity of the its creators) gives you reasons to love all of the characters.

In the scene below,  D’Angelo Barksdale, heir to his Uncle’s organized crime syndicate, has encountered two of his foot soldiers playing checkers with chess pieces.

Chess Lesson


“Holidailies participants solemnly vow to update their Web sites daily from Dec. 7 to Jan. 6. . . . “ Day 13: 13 for 13!

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