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The minute Felicia “Snoop” Pearson’s character, Snoop, appeared on The Wire, we couldn’t take our eyes off her. Chris and Snoop would enter a scene, something awful would happen (notice me not giving spoilers, you’re welcome) and hours later, away from the TV, Andy or I would say to each other, “God, I just love Chris and Snoop.” We had whole conversations about feeling warmly towards them. It seemed inexplicable but it wasn’t really. That’s the magic of The Wire. The Wire shows you how, if you look at people the right way, everyone has got a core that deserves love. Andy would articulate it differently but that’s how I see it.

Felicia “Snoop” Pearson describes the love thing well in her life (so-far) story when she talks about grace.

Yes, it’s true – I read a book! I read a whole book!

The embarrassing truth about my love of books is that for all the collecting and adoring I do of them, it’s a rare day when I actually finish reading one. I was that English minor in school who could write a decent paper about a book I hadn’t fully read. I once scored 100% on a quiz on Catch 22 in college; absolute dumb luck. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy reading, or that I never finished what I started but when I did read whole books, they weren’t war stories.

My problem these days is that I dabble. I’m usually in the middle of about five books at once. Recently, I’ve tried disciplining myself to only having one read-in-progress at a time and that has helped.

So today, I finished one of my Christmas gifts: Grace After Midnight by Felicia “Snoop” Pearson (with David Ritz). What an inspiring story. If you love memoir, if you love The Wire, if you love people telling difficult truths, if you’re interested in faith or survival or both – read this book.

Part of the reason why I love Snoop’s story is that at the heart of it, when she describes a particular moment of grace in her life, it reminds me of what I was trying to describe in my post about the surge of goodness that I feel sometimes. Reading her story inspires me to continue trying to talk and write about it – the magic, the grace, the love. Reading her story further validates my feeling that it’s real, that indescribable thing that a lot of people call God’s overwhelming love is really real.

Whether or not she ever graces my blog with her presence, I want to make this public: I wish Felicia “Snoop” Pearson all of the goodness the heavens and earth can offer up.


“Holidailies participants solemnly vow to update their Web sites daily from Dec. 7 to Jan. 6. . . . “ Day 22.

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  1. I do actually finish a lot of books. I was an English major and I have a Master’s in Literature. But I do have a confession to make. I never finished Moby Dick. I read Ben’s graphic novel version instead. I Still haven’t finished Moby Dick and I teach college English. Actually, I have no intention of ever finishing Moby Dick. There’s my dirty, little, English secret.

    Your secret’s safe w/ me and my 6 readers. We won’t call you Ishmael.

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