January in Paradise

Can anyone recommend a free photo collage website? I have 20 pics I’d like to combine. I used iComic to create my Dalmatian collage earlier this month but it keeps crashing on me today.

What are the new 20 pics? I set out for some exercise around the neighborhood today and couldn’t keep my camera in its holster. You won’t believe what I snapped during my normal sidewalk route, in about a 40 minute span, using nothing but the iPhone camera.

In the meantime, just because I’ve made the Holidailies solemn vow, I’ll leave you with this shot Andy got while we were heading out for lunch yesterday. It was a comfy 81 degrees.


“Holidailies participants solemnly vow to update their Web sites daily from Dec. 7 to Jan. 6. . . . “ Day 29.

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