Looking for The Goats

Last night, as I finished up the work-errand-chore-responsible-adult portion of my week, before I settled in with Andy, Lily, Repo Man and a freshly made pizza from Maria’s, I skimmed my list of things to do to.

  • p/u cleaning [check]
  • email $guy re: rollover
  • reading group chapters 4 & 5 [check]
  • write to mike about marathon
  • library [check]
  • look for THE GOATS

What? I looked at the words on the page to see if I was misreading my own handwriting. It was there in the THURSDAY box: “Look for THE GOATS”. What in the hell does, “Look for THE GOATS” mean? I didn’t remember writing it. I didn’t remember thinking it. I don’t have any goats. My mind popped to FarmVille – my only experience with goats of any sort – but I keep my goat herd to a minimum there and none of them are lost. No need to go looking for them. I was at a complete loss.

“Oh my gosh, honey! Look!” I showed Andy my list, “Look under Thursday. See the last line.” He read it. “What on earth did I mean by that?”

“I know exactly what you meant.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, last week we were listening to Pandora & The Goats came on. I told you how upset I was that I couldn’t buy them at iTunes. I mentioned treating myself to an amazon purchase and you said, ‘No wait, it’s so hard to know what to give you and your birthday is coming up.'”

OOOhhhhh Riiiiighhhht. One mystery solved. One birthday surprise annihilated.

So this morning I DID go looking for The Goats. These guys were so angry in 1992 over Papa Bush and the first Gulf War, I wonder what they would have said about the last decade. Although, from what I gather at Wiki, the scope of their lyrics is actually much larger than recent politics:

“Columbus killed more Indians than Hitler killed Jews;
but on his birthday you get sales on shoes.”

My favorite kind of smart. YouTube code embedding is disabled for the song I wanted to post, “Typical American,” but here’s a link if you’re inspired to check them out. The refrain is rather catchy: “I’m not your Typical American. I’m not your Typical American. I’m not your Typical American.” (It sounds better if you have the song in your head.)

There is an official The Goats website but the text is black over charcoal gray with a font size of about 7.5. It looks a bit like a site time forgot. Or perhaps the content is meant to be exclusive for people savvy enough to adjust the view settings on their web browsers. I spent a moment there to try and find out when they split up and why. I learned that (as of one probably out-of-date update) Madd was in France and Oatie was teaching Biology and Physics in Manhattan. Aside from Swayzack (reported as being MIA), it looks as if they’re still in touch and up to creative (non-record producing) endeavors. Their MySpace seems to be a bit more up to date. Good stuff.

  • look for THE GOATS [gladly checked]

One thought on “Looking for The Goats

  1. “write to mike about marathon”??? is this something i should think about signing up for too?

    LOL! Disa, you’re an addict! And I support your marathon addiction. My list item refers to checking in with a friend over how he felt about running L.A. last month – it was his first.

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