5 Things I Learned This Week


It only takes 11 minutes to walk from my office to a really great Mexican restaurant. The journey requires walking under the 10–either through a sort of scary (yet exhilarating) and surprisingly clean foot tunnel or under an overpass decorated with giant (Gigante) faces painted in bright colors. Urban folk art, margaritas, a nice walk: win, win, win.


Sometimes the only thing standing between having a need and having the need met is speaking up. On Monday, I went to the weekly women’s group I’ve led for three years and, after an hour of listening to everyone share about their lives, I announced that I would be stepping down from leading and taking a break from attending. Specifically, I said that I was exhausted for no reason, burnt out and feared that I was bringing too much negative energy to the task. I had no idea how the news would go over. Although initially painful to admit feeling so weak, hearing the response from the group was like relaxing into a hammock. Thanks, gals.


Showing up at work intent on doing an adequate job rather than a white-knuckled-tense-jawed-I’m-gonna-do-my-BEST(!) job makes for a more pleasurable day. I’m not promoting mediocrity, I’m just yielding a bit while I figure out my priorities.


Being completely entertained by a good book is a huge quality of life issue. One of my old-new friends at Facebook recommended “Bright Shiny Morning” by James Frey (yes, the man who lied to Oprah). I’m laughing at the L.A. Times book review I just found. “Execrable”? Really? David L. Ulin, you sound a little bitter. So what if the book’s heavy on hyperbole and short on punctuation, the fact is, I’ve been in a better mood all week having this alternate universe to play in. To my FB Reading Pal who suggested it: thank you!


All of a sudden I’m liking Spoon. They kind of snuck up on me.

2 thoughts on “5 Things I Learned This Week

  1. I was reading James Frey’s A Million Little Pieces when I had my “sleep with a rock” epiphany a few years back (it’s titled Rock On in my blog) so I credit the guy with a major life-shift. Bright Shiny Morning is a darn good blend of the LA cultural landscape, I think, though I got awfully tired of reading “He speaks.” “She speaks.” “He speaks.” But hey, it works for him, and he speaks.

    Thanks for writing, Cali.K. I’m looking forward to checking out your Rock post. I totally enjoyed “Bright…” but I agree with you about some of his stylistic choices….they seem a bit pointless & distracting from the story.

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