Tuesday’s 200 Words: Pulled In…

I rarely lean on a thesaurus, but I weakened today to find another way to say “spreading”. It’s a pretty loaded word, “spread”.

I skimmed the list of alternatives realizing I wanted something less crass, more along the lines of “sharing” but not as trite. “Emitting” is too biological. “Emanating” may be too pretentious.  Which word?

The pursuit came from my intention to leave a one sentence comment at a friend’s blog. I could tell you that I’m so inspired by her writing (which I am) that I wanted to use the right word. But that would be a misrepresentation. It’s an ego thing, wanting to find the perfect word. Of course it is.

But it’s also about the essence of a message. About a deep desire to be heard and understood. An urge-a hope-a need to be known.

Which makes me wonder about lovers who speak different languages or have vastly different intellects. They must be sharing – emitting – emanating – from a nearly completely physical (and unnamed emotional) place.

Pulled into an unexpected long kiss – when “no” is not on the mind – words become superfluous. An adrenaline rush by any other name would feel as sweet.

I went with “extend”.

One thought on “Tuesday’s 200 Words: Pulled In…

  1. You are going to have to stop making me cry, if we’re going to continue with this relationship. ;)

    And I am equally inspired by your writing. The thesaurus to the lovers to extend – a beautiful weaving of words.

    Awww, approval from teachers is one of my very favorite things. I do adore our relationship. Your blog is better than any damn book I’ve picked up lately; I mean it when I say thanks all the time. oxR

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