Tuesday’s 200 Words: Overcoming

Hey Sam,

Having just rewatched that video I made for you when you turned 13 has got me thinking. I don’t want to post it here for privacy reasons but remember how I set it to the Wicked song, “For Good” ? With the lyrics as a prompt, I used photos of people who had been special in your life — your coaches and teachers and parents and grandparents — mentors.

“I’ve heard it said
That people come into our lives for a reason
Bringing something we must learn
And we are led
To those who help us most to grow”

Seeing the video now makes me realize that the way things are turning out, you’re the one who is “bringing something we must learn” to all of us. What you’re going through is helping us to grow.

None of us would have wished suffering on you. But I know that watching you overcome it is having a huge positive impact on all of us who love you.

I’m so glad your surgeon came to see you today with the reassurance that the operation is on for tomorrow. Less than 24 hours to wait, and that’ll go fast with our new ColorSplash app.



One thought on “Tuesday’s 200 Words: Overcoming

  1. Ruth, you’re a good aunt. I’ll pray for your niece. Is she at Children’s in DC? A girl from Dylan’s school is being treated there for a very rare type of liver cancer.

    Phew, Michelle, rare liver cancer sounds beyond difficult. I’m sorry to hear that. Yeah, Sam’s in the same place. Thanks for your prayers & kind words. Happy Holidays, m’dear.

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