Holidailies, you move me

Elevate = to lift. Wouldn’t “deliverer” be a better name than “elevator”?

It occurs to me just now that the thing “there’s never a good time for” might be precisely the thing that’s needed. Kind of a painful realization.

Today, that thing is the start of Holidailies (“a free community writing project that promotes sharing your writing and other online creative endeavors during the winter holiday season” …. participants vow to update their sites daily from 12/6/2010 to 1/5/20-gulp-11).

The last three Decembers, Holidailies has become one of my favorite end-of-the year activities. It’s led me to meeting some great bloggers–people I find I care about. Plus, I’ve loved the challenge to post daily.

But this year? The timing could not be worse.

This has been a difficult year, a difficult fall, a difficult month. You’ve got the next 31 days to hear all about who-what-why I would write that. Suffice to say for now, I had forgotten all about my usual annual rituals until two days ago, when it occurred to me: Fuck, December 4th, Holidailies! . . . I can’t possibly do this.

But actually, I can’t possibly not do this.

Chip & Jette, thank you. Holidailies could very well be the glue that keeps me together this month.


A free community writing project: Holidailies participants vow to update their personal web sites daily from Dec. 6-Jan. 5.

2 thoughts on “Holidailies, you move me

  1. I know what you mean about having a difficult time lately; I am, too. But, hang in there! Together with Holidailies, we might just make it through the year! 2011’s gotta be better, right? Cheers!

    Thanks, Lisa-Marie. Happy Holidailies to you. Looking forward to reading your work this month.

  2. Well, we’ll just have to explore those difficult times together so we can finally put 2010 to rest!

    AMEN, sister! Thanks for stopping by. Looking forward to reading your work again this year…. and next!

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